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Boots to Briefcase

The 3-month "Boots to Briefcase" package is designed to help veteran women & moms make a successful transition from military life to entrepreneurship. It provides the mental preparation, financial management skills, and personalized coaching to set you up for long-term business success.

What's included in this package:
  • 1. Getting Mentally Prepared for Business - Mindset coaching to build confidence and entrepreneurial mindset - Identifying strengths, values, and purpose to guide business - Strategies for work-life balance and managing stress
    2. Personal Finance Mastery - Assessing current financial situation and creating a plan - Techniques to pay down debt and increase savings - Exploring additional income streams to support the business
    3. Bi-Weekly Zoom Coaching Sessions - 6 one-on-one video calls with your dedicated coach - Accountability, troubleshooting, and ongoing support - Reviewing progress and adjusting plans as needed

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Salute to Success

The "Salute to Success" package provides  entrepreneurs with a comprehensive system to not only get their business off the ground, but also gain access to government contracts and secure the funding needed for sustainable growth. With 6 months of dedicated coaching, you'll be primed for long-term success.

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What's included in this package:
  • 1. Everything from the 3-month "Boots to Briefcase" package: - Mindset coaching - Personal finance mastery - Bi-weekly zoom coaching sessions
    2. Government Contracting Readiness - Registering on relevant government contracting platforms - Obtaining necessary business certifications (e.g. woman-owned, veteran-owned) - Building a Capabilities and Past Experience (CAPE) statement
    3. Business Funding Preparation - Evaluating financing options (loans, grants, investors) - Building a strong business plan and financial projections - Securing funding to support business growth
    4. Strategic Reinvestment of Income - Analyzing cash flow and profit margins - Determining the optimal use of business income - Investing profits back into the company for maximum impact

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Veteran Visionary

The "Veteran Visionary" package empowers  entrepreneurs to become experts in navigating the government contracting landscape. Over the course of 1 full year, you'll develop the advanced skills, systems, and connections needed to scale your business through lucrative public sector partnerships.

What's included in this package:
  • 1. Everything from the "Boots to Briefcase" and "Salute to Success" packages: - Mindset coaching - Personal finance mastery - Bi-weekly coaching calls - Government contracting readiness - Business funding preparation - Strategic reinvestment of income
    2. Building a Powerful Government Contracting Team - Identifying key roles and responsibilities - Recruiting and managing a high-performing team - Fostering effective collaboration and communication
    3. Government Contracting Opportunity Identification - Researching and tracking relevant RFPs and solicitations - Qualifying opportunities based on fit and capacity - Developing a strategic bidding and proposal process
    4. Government Contracting Growth Strategy - Evaluating past performance and lessons learned - Defining a targeted growth plan for government work - Strategizing effective networking and relationship-building

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